Macy's Shelter Pets

Hey everyone! I am soooooooooooooooooo sorry! I almost lost my account! Anyhow the Christmas fundraiser was a huge success I raised $2,050 for local shelter and organizations! I donated $600 to P.O.P.P (Pet Over Population Prevention),$600 to ASAP (Adopt Shelter Animal Pets), $600 to GCAO (Grant County Animal Outreach) and $250 to WSU’s medical program. Thanks so much every one!

Hello everyone! At this point my total amount right now is $1,145!! Thanks so much to those people the people that have already donated!

More good news! I have raised $709 for the Local anima shelters! I am $1,291 from my goal of $2,000! PLEASE contact me if you would like to donate! Thanks!!

Hey every body!! A quick update, I have raised 559! I am $1,441 away from my goal of $2,000! PLEASE tell me if you would like to donate! Thanks so much!

Hello everyone! Like most of you know i have officially started my Christmas fundraiser for the animal shelters in the Tri-cities area.. At this point i have almost $400 right now. Also this year if you donate $50 or more i have to do what ever you want (within reason) in a video. (like crack a dozen eggs on my head or something along those lines) Plus this year all the money donated will go to supplies for the shelter. If you would like to donate please contact me by clicking in “ask about adopting a pet”. Thanks!!!!!!

Instead of doing a pet of the week this and other present weeks i am just going to give you the links so here they are Benton-Franklin Humane Society -, Grant County Animal Outreach - just to name a few!

 Meet Mister Timon!  Hes a sweet boy looking for my forever home.  He love to play and explore new things if you are interested in him come and visit me today!  All cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated,  & eligible for a complimentary general physical examination at a local veterinary clinic post-adoption that come from Benton-Franklin Humane Society.  (adoptable at BFHS, in Kennewick Washington, for $25)

Meet Oscar! He is a 6 year old senior dog, with a lot of life left in him. He is independent yet affectionate when the time is right. Think you are wanting to give a chance to oscar Come down to BFHS and give him a shot, he will not disappoint you! (adoptable at Benton-Franklin Humane Society located in Kennewick Washington, for $50, all dogs from BFHS are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and eligible for a complimentary general physical examination at the local veterinary clinic post-adoption.)

Meet Purrple! She is a sweet, adult cat, who loves children, cats, dogs; you name it she likes it. Purrple would do best in a home where the children are older but will adjust well to just about any home. If you think she might be a good fit for your family, come down to Benton-Franklin Humane Society and meet her today!!!! (her adoption fee is $25, Benton-Franklin Humane Society is based out of Kennewick Washington.)

Sunshine is a laid-back, snuggly 10-pounder who loves to just hang out with her peeps. She has good house manners, and loves car rides. Although she is reserved at first, she warms quickly to the people around her and revels in attention and affection. She would do best in a home with at least one other dog and although she will on occasion chase the cat she currently lives with, she responds quickly and promptly to a correction. If you would like to meet sunshine she is adoptable from Mikey’s chance, in Benton city (for $185, she is already spayed, up-to date on shots, and house trained.) Come by and meet her today!